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Forkhorn Taxidermy Studio was founded in 1991 by Daniel L. Wiege. 

Dan has been a taxidermist for over thirty years.  Taxidermy has been of interest to him since he was six years old.  Dan's grandfather instilled the interest in him at that age, as he confided in Dan his efforts to mount pheasants.

After trying several different professions and not finding a use for his artistic abilities in any of them, he became even more intent on taxidermy.  On three occasions, he caught BIG fish, took them to another taxidermist to have them mounted only to find the mounts were totally unacceptable to him and had very little resemblance to the fish he had caught.  He decided, at that point, he could definitely do a much better job.  He had only taken taxidermy by correspondence and "video" and felt he needed more training.  It was at that time, he enrolled in the Denver Institute of Taxidermy in Denver, Colorado.  After graduating from DIT in 1991, he opened the doors to FORKHORN TAXIDERMY STUDIO. 

Dan has found the taxidermy profession to be very fulfilling and he has found a definite profession in which to use his God-given artistic abilities.

When Dan decided to open his own business, he decided he would "Offer a quality mount at a reasonable price".  From personal experience, he knew there were people that would like to have their trophies mounted but really could not afford to do so and if he kept his prices reasonable, more people would be able to afford taxidermy and would be able to have their "special trophy" preserved for life.  In all the years Dan has operated his own business, he has always kept his prices reasonable and has always turned out high quality mounts.

Forkhorn Taxidermy Studio is based on honesty and integrity.